Thursday, 20 May 2010

Best present ever

I got given a lovely bottle of Rose Malone perfume for valentines day, which smelt absolutely gorgeous.  Unfortunately once it hits my skin it smells like the kind of perfume you bought when you were 15 and cost £2.99 from Superdrug.  There's nothing wrong with Superdrug but I had high hopes for this beautiful bottle.

However on a plus point it came in a great little box so I've altered it and the perfume can just sit there until I can work out how to get rid of it without the boyf seeing (good job he doesn't read this!)  Told you I was going to blog the backlog!

I painted the lid black and then covered this in various glimmer mists of the blue and green variety. 

Then I molded some metal on one of the big daddy molds I have and put the smaller end pieces through the cuttlebug.  Not content with spreading glimmer mist everywhere I had another go on the metal after distressing it with Adirondack black acrylic dabber. 
Finally I embossed some grungepaper and coloured it blue before highlighting it in green.

After doing all that it sat for a day or two and I went off playing with my Melt Pot.  Remembering Linda B's demo from Artsy Craft I poured some clear and gold melted utee onto a Ten Seconds Studio big daddy mold and highlighted the design with Perfect Pearls.

Playing along a bit more I created a button mold from mold and pour which was slightly easier to produce in one piece!  This was similarly highlighted.  It was finished off with a small section of tag using Tim Holtz stamps I created after inspiration at a Linda E class and I sneakily stuck a key on intending to submit it for a Sunday Stamper challenge.  Think I might have missed that one (by a mile!)

And the good news is I'm now being trusted with the camera this weekend - yippeee!

Oh well, hope you like it.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Through the round window

OK there isn't a window and any I have definitely aren't round, but for some reason I have Play School in my head.  Better than normal though it's usually the Wombles or Love and Marriage (not that I know more than the first couple of lines).  Can you imagine how hard it is to live in my head?

Anyway I know have the camera back, although I'm not being trusted to take it to Artsy Craft (boo) so I shall be clicking away tonight to get some of the numerous creations up on here over the next week or so.  There's classes I've attended, things I've altered and by then Artsy Craft creations to amaze you with.

However for now you will have to put up with another card.  This one is made quite simply using a PaperArsty mini text stamp and a Vintage Collage girl stamp.  The background is one of those glimmer mist jobbies done ages ago.  The main image is stamped and masked as is the alphabet.  I've then used the text stamp all around so the black image blends in more to the background paper. Thanks to Tigger cat for finding the backgrounds as I only found them when he knocked my scrapz box off the shelf. At least one of my cats is useful.  The other covered my kitchen floor in water this morning - hmph! Contrary to the photo which I can't even scan straight the card isn't all wonky in real life!

Hope you like it


Monday, 17 May 2010

Time flies

And I'm not even having fun :o(  Really not sure where this month is flying to but boy is it flying.  Tigger, my ginger non human son disappeared for a few days last week so when he eventually returned from whatever shed I think he was locked up in I felt too guilty to come up here crafty.  Instead of doted on him and now he has finally realised his place is on my craft chair.  We seem to be having competitions as to who can get on to it fastest and I'm definitely loosing!  The worst thing is I turn my back to pick up an embellishment and he seizes the opportunity.  I seriously went to get a spare chair from the bedroom earlier but its heaped with ironing (yuck, not even my beloved boy is going to persuade me to clear that).

Anyway seeing as its been ages since I posted I thought I would show you a few cards over the next few days until I manage to get some photo's of my latest dalliances.

The first one, "Mona"  was created from a glimmer mist background of Juneberry wine (love this colour) and gold with a spritz of cosmic shimmers purple violet.  I then swished a white piece of card in various watered down distress inks and over stamped it with Creative Expressions map of the world in Dusty Concord.  Finally I used Victorian Velvet and Dust Concord on another piece of white card and stamped Mona on it.  The flower seemed a bit bright so a text stamp was used to grunge it a bit and whilst fiddling I found a baby flower to use in the centre. 

The picture isn't the best but that's cos the "boyf" has stolen the camera.  Don't panic though I've demanded it back when I see him tomorrow!

Catch you soon

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Hanging around

It seems like an age since I've done any stamping and getting messy and it has been.  Work has been really busy and I was desperate to get some of my holiday photos from Nov 09 into a scrapbook.  I've only managed about 6 pages but its a start.  If it wasn't for wanting to enter the Ink on my fingers challenge I would have shown some now, but that will have to be for another day.

Hel's challenge is free this week so I've created a hanging piece based on a  workshop I did with Linda Elbourne today.  That inspired I was that I cam straight home and got inky.  Well, technically, I'm still blue from earlier, but now I'm orange and red as well.  I'll blog that piece in a day or two.

Back to Hel's challenge.  I've decorated a frame with Adirondack Dabber in copper and them collage stamped a tag using a mixture of Tim's Bitty Grunge CMS089.  The images in black are from TJ Designs vintage collection.  I love this set as it comes in its own handy little CD-ish case. Tim's gorgeous stamps are as always gorgeous but I don't need to tell most people that!

Finally I embellished it some Tim embellishments and a clock face I picked up from LB Crafts earlier today.  On that point I did a wonderful mirror class with Lin, but that's a another day's blog post too.

Hope you like it.