Wednesday 19 March 2014

Othery auction of goods and promises 21st March 2014 - Somerset Flood Fund

The only problem with posting photos of some of the lots is that I'm now looking around my living room wondering how many paintings and prints I can put on my walls!

So, I will be tweeting and updating my blog with photos live from auction HQ on the day, but these are the ones I have managed to get my hands on so far.

Sorry guys, they aren't in order as I'm trying to get this done and out there for people to see - I will try my best to re-order it tomorrow for you, but I also have to drive to Somerset after work and a night out!  Yep, poor planning on my behalf!

If you want to bid go to this link to find out more >>>>>> here

Lots 31, 48, 65, 107, 113, 142 & 160
From the Somerfield sign in Wells High Street as seen in the film Hot Fuzz 
signed by Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. 
Donated by Wells Journal  

Lot No 9. Swarovski Cat. Height 1” – no original packaging
Donated by Lynne Newton.

Lot No 16. A3 Colour Print. Early Morning Mists” (a view from Deer Leap). Donated by Bob Small.

Lot No 23. Original Painting. Mixed media abstract on canvas 
by artist Jacki Wright, Bath
Donated by Lesley Madden.

Lot No 39. A3 mounted picture. “Brown Hare in Morning Mist”. 
Donated by Andy Fisher.

Lot No 44. Framed Print. Recent photograph taken 
by young, talented local photographer of Bramble Thorner taken by Ollie Thorner. 
Donated by Ollie Thorner.

Lot No 61. A leather handbag. Black leather handbag with detachable shoulder straps called Tradeshow rrp £89.99. Donated by Clarks.

Lot No 63. A limited edition Print. “Stable Mates Timpaddy, and Coral with Tiberius the Sheep”.
A framed limited edition print (461/850) signed by Michael Donated by Michael Cooper.

Lot No 68. Club Team Picture. Photograph of Liverpool Football Team (not actual signatures) framed by the Armoury Gallery, St Mary Street, Bridgwater. 
Donated by Liverpool Football Club.

Lot No 75. Tapestry. Beautiful and original tapestry/wall hanging, originating from Islamabad, Pakistan. Donated by Lynne Newton.

Lot No 89. Picture. “Flooded Levels 2014” ( 
Donated by Mike Budd of Budd Art

Lot No 102. Oil Painting. An unframed 30”x40” oil painting on canvas – “Sunny Day at the Beach”. Donated by Keith Groves

Lot No 103.  A leather handbag. Large mushroom combi suede leather bag with 
detachable shoulder straps Temple Beam Rrp £79.99. 
Donated by Clarks

Lots No 128 to 132. Hand-made Soaps. With soap infused sponges in assorted fragrances. Donated by Roland & Sue Parker

Lot No 135. Original Picture. “A Murmuration of Starlings” – This is the original winning picture, as framed and presented in the London gallery where it was exhibited during and after the judging of the “Our Lives” photographic competition organised by Currys/Daily Telegraph. It still has the original competition identity label attached to the back of the picture.  Some people have doubted the authenticity of the picture, but this was verified by Ilford, who also took part in the judging process. The competition was judged by a panel of judges, including David Bailey, who presented the awards.  The copy of the certificate also has a signature by David Bailey on the reverse, which he signed personally. The picture was taken at Heath, Somerset in 2007. It achieved much recognition over the next few months, including Saturday exposure in most of the National newspapers and also BBC Breakfast television. 
Donated by Lynne Newton

Lot No 137. Abstract Oil on paper. “In Between 4 of 5” is an abstract painting on paper 
by local artist Penny Elfick £RRP £150. 
Donated by Pennie Elfick

Lot No 141. 16”x12” print. “Summer Sunrise, Glastonbury Tor, Somerset”.
Printed on Crystal Archive Paper (guaranteed for 99 years). 
Mounted, full size including mount is 20”x16” 
Donated by Lynne Newton

Lot No 147.  Oil Painting. An unframed 30”x40” oil painting on canvas – “Misty Morning”. 
Donated by Keith Groves

Lot No 151.  David Shepherd Print A limited edition (1173/1500) signed framed print 
“The Hot Springs of Yellowstone” (Bison). 
Donated by Andy Fisher

Lot No 152. A4 Mounted Print. “Hare Soaked in Morning Dew” 
by wildlife photographer Andy Fisher. 
Donated by Andy Fisher

Lot No 5a. Stadium Picture. Framed Bristol Rovers photograph. Donated by Armoury Gallery.

Latest photos (taken in a rush but you get the idea!)

Comes with a signed copy of the Fry Chronicles (still in the post)

Sorry its sideways - its taken ages to upload!

That's it for now folks, but I will try to update where I can.

Happy Bidding

Othery auction Friday 21st March 2014 - For Somerset Flood Fund

Wow, wow, wow what a week it has been.  Pat and Scilla have been typing like mad people, Anthony has been buying lots of alcohol and polishing up his auction skills, Zena has been polishing her raffle bowl and the rest of us have been madly trying to remember what we have been promised.  

Poor Pat and Scilla, every time they think the list is finished up we pop with something else.  A huge thank you to everyone that has jumped in with suggestions or contacted people.  You are all amazing and I have lost count how many items are actually in the auction now.

You can proxy bid by email up to midnight tomorrow to to arrive no Please state Name, address, Phone number lot number,brief description, maximum bid.

There are new items being added all the time.  Check out the original list here, but these items are fresh off the press tonight and should be added tomorrow:

Photos of some of the lots >>>>> here
  •  Lot 21a Signed Celebrity Photographs  Sarah Parish  donated by Sarah Parish 
  •  Lot 21b Signed Celebrity Photographs  Everton Player no 26 John Stones donated by John Stones
  • Lot 25 Family Ticket Westonzoyland Pumping Station Museum  Family Ticket (2+4) to any steaming event in 2014 at Westonzoyland Pumping Station Museum, the museums feature DVD and an A5 full colour guide book. donated by Westonzoyland Pumping station
  • Lot 49a 4 Bed town house in Majorca A week in November, December, January or February (not Christmas or New year or prebooked weeks) for 8 people in Pollensa near the famous Calvari steps 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms,terrace BBQ see normal low season price £495
  • Lot 50a English Breakfast English breakfast with tea or coffee for 4 people at CafĂ© Culture, High Street, Taunton donated by Katie Tucker
  • Lot 54 has changed to Curry Masterclass By Chef Manveena at your own home for 3 hours (normal price is £300. She will come and cook for you and your guests u pto 5 people a three course meal. (Ingredients provided by the customer) donated by Chandeep and Manveena of the Somerset Curry club 
  • Lot 55a Damp proofing Course A damp proof course with 30 year guarantee for up to 30 metres which normally costs £600 no restrictions as to when  but ideally in a flooded are of the Somerset Levels donated by Andy Dare of Woodcote Preservation Ltd 
  • Lot No 104. Voucher for 4 People. A 2-night stay in our friends and family suite (double room, twin room and family Bathroom with spar bath and includes breakfast and afternoon tea plus an evening meal at The Rose and Crown, East Lambrook.  Dog friendly. Donated by The Wheel House. Gawbridge Mill, Kingsbury Episcopi
  • Lot 112 Garage Voucher voucher for an interim (minor) service at our garage. This is up to the value of £80 and can also be used in lieu of payment for labour for any other service we provide.From Goodard and Family Garage Services donated by Ben Goodard
  • Lot 114a Mosaic Picture Hare today gone tomorrow 12" x * " An original mosaic artwork donated by Pam Wells
  • Lot 154a Oil On Canvas Summer Barn a tyoical west country scene of late summer field just before harvest time donated by Jenny Graham
  • Lot 159 Photo Session A half hour photo session on location within 12 miles of Street until 30.08.2014 Plus Laura Zaky's book from The Outside In a visual journey of Glastonbury festival with 600 pictures
Good luck and watch out for my next post showcasing some of the auction lot photos.

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Chocolate overload

On a coldish day in spring down under it seemed like a good idea to have a hot chocolate, but after ordering I saw these delicious looking chocolate brownies.  That purchase really wasn't a good idea!  It tasted fantastic, don't get me wrong, but considering I have the sweetest tooth I know, it was just too much!

This layout documents my chocolate overload and the fact that I'm addicted to my butterfly punch at the moment!

If you happen to find yourself in Sydney near the Hyde Park Barracks I can well and truly recommend a visit to the cafe, but perhaps try the hot chocolate and brownie on separate occasions!

Happy Crafting

Sunday 12 May 2013

Happy belated national scrapbooking day

Last week we had national scrapbooking day and I was at my monthly crop all day so I took the opportunity to get involved in a challenge or two.

There were 10 challenges throughout the day.  I particularly loved the challenge to do something new and to scrap using your own handwriting.  I love journalling on my layouts, mostly because I think it's really important.  Not everyone likes to journal on layouts and that's fine too, but I love to record the small memories associated with a photo.  I'm not saying I do this for every photo, some are introductions to sections in my albums and some pages have really brief details of an event.  However a lot of my journalling tells you about how I felt somewhere or about someone, the memories invoked from the experience or just plain silly thoughts about something.  Admittedly most of those silly thoughts relate to the Ginger monster and what I think he is thinking.  Yes I do know that cats think about catching birds, sleeping and food, although not in that order, but occasionally I like to think to think there is more going on in that little brain.

Enough ramblings from me, instead I will show you two layouts that I created whilst challenging myself to do something different, but also to challenge myself to use up my scrap paper.

The first took me forever as I kept finding bits to add.  This is definitely a well padded page, but they were scraps so I felt frugal at the end rather than extremely extravagant.

The second layout is the opposite. It is really sparse and clean in design, but I love it just as much.  This was the biggest challenge of the two as I really had to think about what I could put where. Both are going to become part of my scrapping repertoire as they were so fun to do.  In an 8 hour crop I only did 3 layouts, but I loved taking the time over a layout and not feeling like there was a goal post.

The photo on this layout is the worse photo I have ever taken, but the tank was so dirty and the platypus was swimming so fast.  I decided that documenting the event was more important than having a fantastic photo. An important lesson to learn.

Happy crafting

Monday 29 April 2013


Over at UPA headquarters this month we are all about metal.  Being a bit of a magpie this subject was right up my street.

I've been collecting lots of images on pinterest recently showing how to create different flowers for scrapbook or card projects, but then I got thinking.  That's known to be a bit dangerous in my world.

The result of my thinking was a little collection of products.  A hot glue gun, some scissors, buttons, skewers and some metal.

Want to know what I made?  Here's a hint, but if you want to see the full result pop on over to the UPA blog.

Tuesday 9 April 2013

New Life

It was a little profound when my Cornwall journey was about rediscovering life to find new life at Poldark Mine.  Sat up in the rafters, none of the staff new they were there, until I pointed them out.  It was so amazing to watch them waiting for mum to return and feed them.  They were certainly very hungry little chicks.

This ribbon was a devil to fold back on itself, but I'm glad I persevered as I think it looks really pretty.

I love using little flags, but one on it's own looks a little lonely and doesn't look right, in my opinion.  I thought I would make these flags as part of the title.

Happy Crafting

Saturday 6 April 2013

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Part of our Cornwall holiday in 2012 was about reliving childhood memories, memories which included dad and that until recently had been too painful to relive.  I finally feel at peace with his death, so going back to Cornwall and visiting places we went to on holiday was so therapeutic and fun.

We did "dad" things like taking a detour to see where a road went!  One particular detour took us down a really narrow lane with high hedges, which was a tad scary for me now as I'm use to motorways more than narrow lanes.  I find going back to Somerset strange now - suddenly you have to remember how to put the lights on full beam!

This particular day we went to Poldark mine as I wanted to see whether it was what I remembered.  I'm sure it's more commercialised, but I overcame my fear of being underground in narrow spaces.  Dad would have been proud that I could do it without him holding my hand!  It poured all morning so it was raining underground, which was funny.

As the layout was about mining and I wanted to included 4 photo's I needed to find a way of making the page more masculine and find a way of using embellishments which wouldn't overwhelm the photo's.  After a bit of digging I came across some Tim Holtz bits and pieces which were perfect.

Washi tape, photo negative and the metal embellishments helped me to create the feel of a notice board.

These keys have been sat around for ages, so it feels great to find new ways to use them.

The edge of the negative gave a perfect hold for some twine and I found some lovely beads to use to add an interactive element.

I love how this page has turned out even if I do say so myself!

Happy crafting