Thursday, 28 January 2010

Ice ice baby

I thought I would share this picture with you.  Back a few weeks ago I was consoling the cats when they couldn't go out when I looked out of the window and found this hanging from my washing line . Bless them, they tried but they kept sinking into the snow.  It was very funny to watch even if they weren't amused!

The whole side of house was decorated with icicles some as long as a metre - beautiful.  I looked out the next day and thought my washing line decoration and gone, but looking further out of the window it had just travelled along the line!

I'm on the look out for inspiration to scrap this photo as its so unusual.

Take care

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Inspired by Paper Artsy

I'm not sure where the time went between October and now but it definetely went somewhere and mostly to a non crafty place - boo!

I started this back in November.  Take one plain pine frame throw some Ferro Graphite texture paste at it.  Paint in black and then highlight it red and gold.  You get the idea,  - more of a add a bit here and there until it looks right technique.

The picture isn't doing it justice (modest aren't I!)  The inside of the frames are decorated with embossed and glimmer misted metal.  They look brighter here than they actually are, which could possibly be because of my snap and see photography style.

I've finished off the piece with a grungeboard butterfly embellised with metal flowers and with a stampboard tile decorated with Red alcohol ink, stamped and topped with crackle accents.

Hope you like it.