Monday, 29 April 2013


Over at UPA headquarters this month we are all about metal.  Being a bit of a magpie this subject was right up my street.

I've been collecting lots of images on pinterest recently showing how to create different flowers for scrapbook or card projects, but then I got thinking.  That's known to be a bit dangerous in my world.

The result of my thinking was a little collection of products.  A hot glue gun, some scissors, buttons, skewers and some metal.

Want to know what I made?  Here's a hint, but if you want to see the full result pop on over to the UPA blog.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

New Life

It was a little profound when my Cornwall journey was about rediscovering life to find new life at Poldark Mine.  Sat up in the rafters, none of the staff new they were there, until I pointed them out.  It was so amazing to watch them waiting for mum to return and feed them.  They were certainly very hungry little chicks.

This ribbon was a devil to fold back on itself, but I'm glad I persevered as I think it looks really pretty.

I love using little flags, but one on it's own looks a little lonely and doesn't look right, in my opinion.  I thought I would make these flags as part of the title.

Happy Crafting

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Part of our Cornwall holiday in 2012 was about reliving childhood memories, memories which included dad and that until recently had been too painful to relive.  I finally feel at peace with his death, so going back to Cornwall and visiting places we went to on holiday was so therapeutic and fun.

We did "dad" things like taking a detour to see where a road went!  One particular detour took us down a really narrow lane with high hedges, which was a tad scary for me now as I'm use to motorways more than narrow lanes.  I find going back to Somerset strange now - suddenly you have to remember how to put the lights on full beam!

This particular day we went to Poldark mine as I wanted to see whether it was what I remembered.  I'm sure it's more commercialised, but I overcame my fear of being underground in narrow spaces.  Dad would have been proud that I could do it without him holding my hand!  It poured all morning so it was raining underground, which was funny.

As the layout was about mining and I wanted to included 4 photo's I needed to find a way of making the page more masculine and find a way of using embellishments which wouldn't overwhelm the photo's.  After a bit of digging I came across some Tim Holtz bits and pieces which were perfect.

Washi tape, photo negative and the metal embellishments helped me to create the feel of a notice board.

These keys have been sat around for ages, so it feels great to find new ways to use them.

The edge of the negative gave a perfect hold for some twine and I found some lovely beads to use to add an interactive element.

I love how this page has turned out even if I do say so myself!

Happy crafting