Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dreams of travel

To cheer myself up when it started to rain this afternoon I decided to get inky and painty.  I created a journal page all about places I want to go.  Some places I've already been, but love so much I'd happily go back again and again.  Some places have been on my to do list forever but I don't want to visit them on the cheap or for just two weeks.  There are times when you have to be patient and put off that dream destination until you can do it justice.  That's why I haven't been to Peru yet.

When I go to Peru I don't want to do the normal Inca Trail trekking up behind thousands of other people.  I want to go off the beaten track and finish off in the Amazon for a week.  Imagine the difference!

I started off layer lots of different coloured paints in blue, white and turquoise, then added a little collaging at the top and bottom of the page.  A few stamps and a lot more layers of paint later I decided it was time to write.  Not content with then I doodled over some of the stamping and attacked it with some pastels.  I love Derwent for this as they aren't as expensive as Pan Pastels.  This is my finished page:

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Proud owner of a Liebster award

My GoGo Getaway buddy Katie or Miss Excitable as she is affectionately known pop over to my blog to let me know she had awarded me with a Liebster award.  Thank you Katie.  Katie's blog is all about scrapping and her adventures with her fiancee (and yes, she is very excited about the wedding next year!)  She was a pleasure to have as one of my crop room buddies.

You can only receive a Liebster award if you have less than 200 followers.  I guess it's a great way to get lesser known blogs seen.  It's hard to get a following when you start and it can seem disheartening if you don't get many visitors to your blog.

So without further ado, please pop on over to see Katie here.

The nominees (and winners!) of my Liebster awards are:

  1. True Colours by Lucy Edmondson - Lucy creates some stunning and unusual pieces from altered bags to Wizard of Oz tin men.
  2. Emilie's Scrapbook by Emilie Chamel - Emilie is a scrapbooker at heart and she loves creating her own papers.
  3. Me and My Stamps by Samantha Read - Sam is addicted to Suzi Blu and I don't blame her!  Lovely art journal pages to see here.
  4. Dabblings by Marcia Beckett - such colourful art, this site always makes me smile. I'm sort of cheating her as when I started this post Marcia had less than 200 followers - she is at 201 now including me so please forgive me!
  5. Daniele O'Brien Designs - a great place for discovering zentangles, otherwise known as official doodles.  I've not been brave enough yet but it will be great for inspiration for my art journal.
So that's my awards, hope you enjoy them.  There are some many other blogs I would love to have nominated but they all have more than 200 visitors.

Happy Crafting

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Metal art

A flying visit from me today as I'm off to look at doors! Yesterday was all about tiles, today doors and maybe some paint. This girl really knows how to have fun, hey!

I thought I would show you the start of a birthday book I'm making. It's MDf which I'm covering with embossed metal and texture paste. It all looks a bit messy at the moment but when it's painted I'll show you the finished article. The back is going to be a mismatch of lots of different elements.

Here are a couple of photos taken on my iPhone.