Friday, 8 February 2013

Oz Winter 2012

One minute it's October and the next were in February.  Scary, time has flown so quickly.

I've been away in Oz, then it was Christmas and then the dreaded year end hit the accounts department at work.  Now that I've come up for breath I've gotten the lurgy, so I sit here on my sick bed looking at photo's of Oz.

I thought I'd share some with you before offering up some of my crafting experminents.

I went out to see a friend who emigrated during the Summer.  I missed most of the floods which was lucky for me, but whilst the weather was hot most days, be warned, the early summer isn't rainproof in Australia!

Thank you Bondi beach for allowing graffiti artists along the beachfront.  Stunning artwork and now I have the perfect opening photo for my scrapbook album.  There were some beautiful pieces some in memory of people lost during rescues and one dedicated to war hero's. 

I stayed in Bondi about 15 minutes from the beach.  Such a hardship being able to wander down to a beautiful beach each day.  Whilst really touristy, it was still a great place to people watch, practise drawing and read whiling away the day.  The famous Bondi iceberg swimming club was to the right of this photo.  Apparently to become a member you have to swim in the open pool every day for 4 years - nutters!

On my first weekend, my friend and I escaped the city for some fresh air in the Blue Mountains.  It was a little overcast, but it was still a stunning place to visit.  We trekked for two days taking in some beautiful waterfalls before heading down under the canopy via an old open mine train.  It was like being on an old roller coaster, but a very short ride.

I love culture so when I saw a show about the Aboriginal tribes I had to go and see it, dragging a reluctant friend with me. We watched and listened to tribal dance and music before heading off for more trekking.
I wanted to play with my tripod, but the one night I took it into the city it poured with rain.  This was the only shot I got, but I love it!  It was pitch dark at the time, we had had a lovely seafood meal and dashed over to the Opera bar for a quick photo before heading home.  

 This friendly boy lived just outside of Sydney in an animal park which specialised in conservation along with his Koala and Cockatoo friends.  Watching them being fed was hilarious.  They all rushed up behind the keeper waiting in a massive group following her around like she was the pied piper.

After a long and strenuous journey into the Hunter Valley it was only right to cool down with a taster or two of wine.  If you ever find yourself in Sydney and want a great tour guide I recommend Kangorific Tours. During the tour we visited a chocolate maker, a cheese maker and 3 wineries. 

What can I say, so cute!
 But not as cute as this boy!
I loved Oz, especially the time spent with Cas and walks along the coast.  I'll be back soon with some scrapbook pages and altered art.
Happy Crafting