Saturday, 30 March 2013

Precious time with you

I've always been a family person, but when you lose a parent it makes the time you spend with family even more precious.  In 2012 mum and I went to Cornwall for a week.  Admittedly going in August was probably the stupidest time to go, but go we did!

This year I have decided to concentrate on an scrapbook album at a time and have a theme running through my albums.  In the past I've scrapped photo's as and when I've felt like it, but I found the challenge of limiting the photo's I used to document the week a challenge.  It was also a very relaxing experience replaying the fun we had.

Over the coming weeks I'll show you a few more layouts but I wanted to show the final page as it summarised the holiday for me.  It was all about spending precious time with mum away from life.

It was great to reminisce and spend quality time together.  I'm loving longer titles at the moment and using multiple fonts.  The little polaroids were picked up in Australia, sorry friends they didn't quite make it to Christmas presents as I couldn't bear to give them away!

This album has really inspired me to use up lots of bits and pieces with newer items.  The flower stickers are fairly new (less than 12 months old) but I just didn't know what to use them on until now, but the buttons and grid material have been sat around for a loooooong time!

Happy crafting