Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy belated national scrapbooking day

Last week we had national scrapbooking day and I was at my monthly crop all day so I took the opportunity to get involved in a challenge or two.

There were 10 challenges throughout the day.  I particularly loved the challenge to do something new and to scrap using your own handwriting.  I love journalling on my layouts, mostly because I think it's really important.  Not everyone likes to journal on layouts and that's fine too, but I love to record the small memories associated with a photo.  I'm not saying I do this for every photo, some are introductions to sections in my albums and some pages have really brief details of an event.  However a lot of my journalling tells you about how I felt somewhere or about someone, the memories invoked from the experience or just plain silly thoughts about something.  Admittedly most of those silly thoughts relate to the Ginger monster and what I think he is thinking.  Yes I do know that cats think about catching birds, sleeping and food, although not in that order, but occasionally I like to think to think there is more going on in that little brain.

Enough ramblings from me, instead I will show you two layouts that I created whilst challenging myself to do something different, but also to challenge myself to use up my scrap paper.

The first took me forever as I kept finding bits to add.  This is definitely a well padded page, but they were scraps so I felt frugal at the end rather than extremely extravagant.

The second layout is the opposite. It is really sparse and clean in design, but I love it just as much.  This was the biggest challenge of the two as I really had to think about what I could put where. Both are going to become part of my scrapping repertoire as they were so fun to do.  In an 8 hour crop I only did 3 layouts, but I loved taking the time over a layout and not feeling like there was a goal post.

The photo on this layout is the worse photo I have ever taken, but the tank was so dirty and the platypus was swimming so fast.  I decided that documenting the event was more important than having a fantastic photo. An important lesson to learn.

Happy crafting