Sunday, 14 March 2010

All my Easter's have come at once

Christmas didn't fit and I quite like Easter eggs.  Mmm have you seen all those shiny boxes with there foiled goodies. 

Anyway I digress Mr Postman is my new bestest friend (not that I've ever done anything but grunt at him on Saturday morning trying not to let him see I'm still in my bed clothes and can't even open my eyes) .... right concentrate .... he, lovely Mr Postman, bought me Mr T!m's alteration dies to play with AND my preorder of distress inks.  Yes. I know you have probably had yours for like eons and yes, I will be more patient in future and not order from the first company to put up pre order as I'm sure they were the last company to receive there order and yes I have probably admired your art whilst growling.  But I no longer care cos I've got them so there!

To celebrate I went out a bought a truckload of Easter eggs, not really I did something much more fun ....  I've created by first challenge entry for Stampotique Designers Challenge   - spring has sprung.   I've had to scan it as I'm still minus a camera, but hopefully it does the card justice.

I love this time of year.  The sun is out the snow drops are springing up and the weather is warming (sort of) All in all I gain an extra spring in my step, in fact I tend to get a bit hyper after all the dark winter nights, but that's all part of the fun.

Hope you like the card