Friday, 26 March 2010

Cufflinks and brownie points

I don't normally do two posts in one day but I've had several things to upload this week but no access to my photos'.  I've come to SW's to abuse his computer.  I think I'll leave the other post 'til tomorrow.  Finally got into this blogging malarky and I can't get my photos!  Ah well, I'll get sorted one day (possibly!)

Anyhow's I've finally found a way of being forgiven for my crafty obsession by making something useful for SW.  Now not only does he think I'm thoughtful and clever but he also has a place for his cufflinks.  Best still I have more room to buy other lovely things to alter.  Clever, clever me!

This was actually a paper mache book, but I've turned it on its side to make a box instead (actually I found a stamp that I wanted to use which wouldn't fit the right way up so a box it became). 

The box is painted with a mixture of Claudine Hellmuth's acrylic paint and another brand in a silvery black, which created this gorgeous green/ blue colour. I may start to get organised one day and actually write down the brands and colours I use - bare with me though, it might be a while!  An atlas stamp was used for the middle of the box, masked and surrounded by a handwriting stamp.  I finished the box with some of Tim Holtz's alteration dies used as a flourish and a handmade heart.  There's a bit of glimmer mist on there too - couldn't resist!

Hope you like