Thursday, 14 April 2011


For some unknown reason I have taken to Butterflies in a big way.  Maybe it's the arrival of the summery weather (well it did arrive and now it seems to have gone again).  or to cheer myself up.  I'm cursed I tell you, first the car crash, then my mum's car crash, followed by the shower pump and this morning a leaking ceiling.  This can only mean I'm going to have a fan dabba dozy summer and I'm planning on picking up the winning lottery ticket this weekend!

So back to the butterflies.  In an attempt to use up some of my scraps of patterned paper I've made a couple of cheery cards using a Crafty Individuals stamp (CI 296, if you're interested). 

I wanted them to be fairly simple as the stamp is gorgeous so I covered a couple of square cards in the most gorgeous paper which I think is Crate Paper and I have no idea what the name is.  I love the combination of pink and orange, it's such a cheerful grouping. 

Click on the image for a larger version
I'm entering the cards into the Crafty Individual's challenge which is squares.  I hope I'm not being cheeky using square cards, but I just had to use the oblong image!

Hope you like them