Sunday, 23 October 2011

Junk, junk, junk

I keep everything and I mean everything.  There's no wonder I can't get into my craft room half the time!  One of my latest projects involved taking one of those boxes you get the flowers in - don't ask me the name as I'd be a hopeless promoter.

For ages it sat there covered in tissue tape, gesso'd and inked, until one day I popped into accessorize and discovered these necklaces on sale - very industrial.  Some might even say steampunky but I don't do steampunk (I can see some of my crafty friends rolling their eyes as I type!)  Once the necklace was attached I had a spark of inspiration, grabbed some Stampbord, my trusty Tinkerbella inks (hope they still do these as I'd be lost without them!) and a PaperArtsy stamp.

Here's to my steampunk flower!

I had thought of putting a clock on the stampbord and creating a fake pendulum, but I like the stamp too much!

Hope you like it