Sunday, 15 January 2012

Playing around al fresco

My new year's resolution is to play in my craft room with no guilt.  Yes I'm ignoring the housework and the 10 million things on my to do list, but how many items can be cleared in a day anyway!  I promised myself I would do some work today as it's crazy there at the moment, but that can wait until tomorrow when I'll work late anyway.  Decision made and that's that.

What can't wait is my playtime! 

I placed an order for Fresco finish paints at Paper Artsy during the week.  Before I'd even checked my email to confirm the order it had been dispatched - what good little folk they are in Paper Artsy land!  Just click the link to be taken to crafter's paradise.

See they know us crafters, once we've placed an order we NEED it NOW!

Today I've played all day, I know terrible hey.  I haven't got children though or a husband so the only neglected one in the house was ginger and furry, but he gets cuddles and treats galore anyway.

Here's some of the pages I made:

Inspiration: Conformity
 Having done a few soul searching pages I got to thinking about how we all try to conform to the latest trends, colours etc.  I scrapped a photo which I've been meaning to do for a while, but I'm not in the mood for cold winter colours ... and why should they be.  There's a great brick wall to take as inspiration after all.  Colours used were London Bus, Haystack, Butternut and Snowflake fresco paints.

Inspiration: brick walls
I used a creative expressions mask and Decoart acrylic gesso to create the texture of old plastered wall.  Squished a bit of Autumn Fire fresco paint over the top and then used a fabric stamp to create the flowers along the bottom.

Inspiration: Red
 On this "layout" I used London Bus and Snowflake smudging a bit here and a bit there. I then scrapped a bit of gesso back over the top with a hotel room card (come one, hasn't everyone forgotten to give at least one back - handy things they are - not that I'm suggesting mass theft or anything!)

The photo was taken in Thailand where they always take such time and give so much attention to wowing the guests.  Every night they do something different and I've stayed in plenty of hotels in Thailand.  They are all the same (in my experience, lucky hey).

Right I'm off to play with more paint