Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Just a matter of confidence

Some of you that know me well will realise I've lost a bit of weight lately.  Currently just over 2 stone - scary!  For several years I've been hiding under loose tops, baggy cardigans and anything else that hid my stomach.  The only problem with this was that being big chested meant I was making myself look even bigger than I was - d'oh!

This was the page I started to use as an inspiration, but I got carried away and it's so pretty I can't bear to stick pictures over it or write on it.  Yep, I also have paper that is too pretty to cut - you do too, I know it! I'm not the only crafting magpie out there, in fact I'm sure that crafting and magpies are the perfect match (as long as there is more than one!)

I'm going to scan it to see if I can use it on cards or on a scrap layout.  Then maybe I'll stick something on top of it!

On with the story ... since losing the weight (and I haven't stopped yet) I realised I had to stop hiding my body and I had to start buying clothes that fitted properly.  I didn't do this for a while and I've been amazed by the compliments I've received since I started wearing fitted clothes - it's scary though.  My figure isn't perfect, I've still got weight to lose, but I should be proud of what I have managed.  It was hard work.  Baggy clothes are a shield in a way, so I decided to look out loads of images of women I thought looked confident and were what I wanted to aspire too.

I'm not about to become blonde, 10 years younger or get a different personality, but I am going to be more confident (even if sometimes that means faking it!)

This is my eventual page.  Based on similar colours, but I remembered that it was a journal page this time.

I once read somewhere that lines created with credit cards, room cards or whatever method you may use should be horizontal or vertical.  That's a bit like telling me not to go into that room or look in that cupboard.  This is art journalling, rules are meant to be broken.

The hearts were created by squeezing paint in a heart shape on the page, rolling a kitchen roll over it and using it to create more hearts across the page.  Eventually they'll get really faint.  I love this effect as you get the texture of whatever kitchen roll you are using.

If you fancy a challenge choose a motivational word, create a page to inspire you for the future and don't forget to tell me about it so that I can come and have a nosey.

Happy Crafting