Saturday, 3 March 2012

Art journal or scrapbook page?

Apparently there are no rules in art journalling, so on that basis my art journal is a mixture of lots of different things.
  • Some pages are all about motivating myself and persuading myself to do the right thing;
  • Some are me just playing around and one day they may become a "real" art journal page with writing and all;
  • Others are for purging my soul, if it's really personal I'll hide the journalling or make it impossible to read (not difficult!);
  • And, some pages have photo's on.  I've already scrapped the subject, but I adore the photo so use it in my art journal instead.  I don't have to say much about the subject then if I don't want to. 
Purists may want to keep art journalling separate to their scrapbook, but I love the fact that my journal is a bit of all sorts (and I use one, not one for each subject ... one).  I can look back at it and see what sort of mood I was in throughout the year, what I was thinking and what I was drawn to at that time.  Some days I want to be frivolous and not think about the difficult things, sometimes I want to scream into the page and other days I want to remember. 

One of my favourite pages probably isn't the best, but I found a photo which reminded me of travelling with my parents when I was younger.  The picture wasn't even of travelling, I think it was Moroccan, but it got me thinking about motorway travel of all things.  You don't have to use appropriate pictures, use what you are drawn to, use what reminds you of happy or sad times, use images that motivate you ... use anything you damn well want!  I do!!

Just a thought though, be careful if using images from magazines or newspapers.  My understanding is that if you alter it then you can get away with it, but how altered it has to be I don't know.

This page was taken in Bangkok, Thailand.  My favourite destination of all time.  I don't know what it is about Thailand but I feel so peaceful there, perhaps I was Thai in a previous life!

I don't want to be prescriptive on what I've done, how and with what as that's not the point of art journalling.  To me it's about playing.  If you want details please ask and I'll point you to the right manufacturer.  What I can tell you is there is probably PaperArtsy Al Fresco paint on it somewhere!  If this was on a Design Team post it would be a different matter as I'd be selling those stamps or images, but it's not so I can do what I want!!!

Happy Crafting