Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Quick and dirty

Well maybe not dirty, but definitely quick.  This is my entry for Scrapagogo's Circle journal for January 2012.  I'm in art journal mode at the moment so my scrap booking is taking a bit of a beating.  January is never a good month as it's crazy busy at work so I get very little craft time and sometimes the mojo demon visits.  Very annoying when I eventually find time to craft - ggggrrrrhhh!

My scrapbook collection is getting a bit out of control so I've decided to be as unfrugal as possible on my layouts.  Instead of using papers and inks to follow the layout I was sent I decided to use as many brads as I could without ruining the effect.  Luckily for Emilie, she received the layout a while ago!

Not the best of photo's but hopefully you'll get the idea

Happy Crafting