Sunday, 26 February 2012

Back on the right weight loss path

I gave myself a talking to at the beginning of February.  I couldn't get into the right frame of mind to stay on my weight loss path, instead I kept eating sweets, chocolate and other junk food.  It was great though ... I still lost weight .... why?

That's easy, I was only eating sweets, chocolate and crisps some days.  I'd balance it out by not having dinner.  Clever, hey?  NO!

I  still lost weight, fab?  Not really, I expect I was losing muscle, not fat.  If you ever get in that frame of mind or you're in it now STOP!  It might not be food that's your vice, it might be shopping, drinking, starting smoking again or some other negative thing.  The point is ... is this what you want to be doing?  do you feel guilty afterwards?  is there something you need to deal with?

Fancy a challenge?  Next time you want to eat crap, smoke a cigarette or whatever your vice is, grab your journal or a loose piece of card and a paint brush.  If your painting you can't be eating or smoking, well not easily!

I've used a couple of unusual items on these pages - Viva ferro paste and Viva inka gold.  The paste has been stamped into which has given great texture under the pictures which I've highlighted with inka gold. 

This is my first double page and I'm not sure I'll do another one.  I like the quickness of a single page and it doesn't feel repetitive.  There's nothing wrong with double pages, but I 'm a quick win person!

Happy Crafting