Thursday, 23 February 2012

From tatty to floral

I love recycling things from car boot sales, but having spent lots of time shopping for bits I've decided that I have to start using up stuff before I get more.

It's all part of the craft cleanse which I'll tell you more about another day.  All I'll say for now is wow I have a LOT of stuff and eek several duplicate items.  Better still I've rediscovered items and am challenging myself to use them.  You know, those stamps that you have had for years that never seem to have been inked ... don't deny it I know you have them too!

Anyhow this is a memo holder which I updated and gave to a friend for her birthday.  Lots of Fresco paints from PaperArtsy (Yep, I'm addicted and I'm not even ashamed!)  It's got a few Art Parts on it, a bit of a tissue paper flower (thanks Artsy Craft weekend) and I may be addicted to my Claudine Hellmuth stamps too.  But they are fab, so I'm happy to be a Claudine floozy for a while longer.

These tissue flowers are so simple.  Use a die cut or just simply cut some rough circles, scrunch them up and then add a button or something similar for the heart of the flower. 

Happy Crafting