Monday, 27 August 2012

Scrapagogo March 2012

It's hard to document a scrapbooking event as what do you photograph?  A load of layouts?  A photo of each individual teacher?

In order to document what a fun time I had I took a photo of my scrap buddies who were really friendly and good fun.  To represent them I just knew I had to use bright and breezy colours.

I used a Shimelle Laine idea for this.  Take one paper collection and cut it up before you start.  That bit was a tad scary as what if I cut it up and couldn't use it afterwards - what a waste of money....not to worry though.  It just works, but I did end up cutting up various bits more as I went.

I have pretty much used up the whole of this collection now, which is great as I'm often known not to use papers that are too pretty and this collection really did fall in this category.

I'd recommend this philosophy if you have lots to scrap and you want to get it done, rather than procrastinating... or is that just me?  There's not a lot of thinking needed after you have cut the papers and you can scrap simply unless you want to get more detailed adding ink, paint etc.

Happy Crafting