Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Through the round window

OK there isn't a window and any I have definitely aren't round, but for some reason I have Play School in my head.  Better than normal though it's usually the Wombles or Love and Marriage (not that I know more than the first couple of lines).  Can you imagine how hard it is to live in my head?

Anyway I know have the camera back, although I'm not being trusted to take it to Artsy Craft (boo) so I shall be clicking away tonight to get some of the numerous creations up on here over the next week or so.  There's classes I've attended, things I've altered and by then Artsy Craft creations to amaze you with.

However for now you will have to put up with another card.  This one is made quite simply using a PaperArsty mini text stamp and a Vintage Collage girl stamp.  The background is one of those glimmer mist jobbies done ages ago.  The main image is stamped and masked as is the alphabet.  I've then used the text stamp all around so the black image blends in more to the background paper. Thanks to Tigger cat for finding the backgrounds as I only found them when he knocked my scrapz box off the shelf. At least one of my cats is useful.  The other covered my kitchen floor in water this morning - hmph! Contrary to the photo which I can't even scan straight the card isn't all wonky in real life!

Hope you like it