Monday, 17 May 2010

Time flies

And I'm not even having fun :o(  Really not sure where this month is flying to but boy is it flying.  Tigger, my ginger non human son disappeared for a few days last week so when he eventually returned from whatever shed I think he was locked up in I felt too guilty to come up here crafty.  Instead of doted on him and now he has finally realised his place is on my craft chair.  We seem to be having competitions as to who can get on to it fastest and I'm definitely loosing!  The worst thing is I turn my back to pick up an embellishment and he seizes the opportunity.  I seriously went to get a spare chair from the bedroom earlier but its heaped with ironing (yuck, not even my beloved boy is going to persuade me to clear that).

Anyway seeing as its been ages since I posted I thought I would show you a few cards over the next few days until I manage to get some photo's of my latest dalliances.

The first one, "Mona"  was created from a glimmer mist background of Juneberry wine (love this colour) and gold with a spritz of cosmic shimmers purple violet.  I then swished a white piece of card in various watered down distress inks and over stamped it with Creative Expressions map of the world in Dusty Concord.  Finally I used Victorian Velvet and Dust Concord on another piece of white card and stamped Mona on it.  The flower seemed a bit bright so a text stamp was used to grunge it a bit and whilst fiddling I found a baby flower to use in the centre. 

The picture isn't the best but that's cos the "boyf" has stolen the camera.  Don't panic though I've demanded it back when I see him tomorrow!

Catch you soon