Sunday, 13 February 2011

Paper creativity

Following on in my clean hands mode I've been busy entering challenges on the Two peas in a bucket website.  They have loads of free classes to take part in and there are loads of members layouts to take inspiration from.  There are 4 free classes a month, spread out throughout the month.  So far I've taken part in the January classes for "products you love every which way", "scrapbbok stamping" and "stretch a sketch" (which for some reason I'm saying in an American accent like "move that bus", I guess you have to be an Extreme Makeover fan.  Who wouldn't be with Mr Pennington hosting it).

Products you love, every which way (border stickers)

I loved this class as I have loads of border stickers
and I've learnt how to use them up rather than throwing them away

Scrapbook stamping

 A stamper at heart, can you believe I've never mixed scrapping and stamping, err why not?

Stretch a sketch

Owned by two ginger moggies
and I think they are getting their relations to say hi in every country I visit.
First Cyprus, now Thailand.  Whre next?