Sunday, 27 February 2011

Wow, wow and more wow

Had a fab day yesterday at the Artsy Craft event featuring the fantastic Lin of LB Crafts, the wonderful Mrs PaperArtsy Leandra and the fandabadozy Mr Tim Holtz .... and the winner was .....


First off was a bit of shopping, well quite a lot actually (but I was £3.96 under budget, so well done me).  Then it was on to Lin and Leandra's class and finally Tim's class in the afternoon.  I was equally excited about both classes as Lin and Leandra never fail to come up with an amazing project and the classes are always such fun.

This is Treehouse we made, which some of my table threatened to steal.  I'll take that as a complement!

The next pictures show some close ups.  The first one of the metal tree which was debossed, painted with Paper Artsy's new paint range (which is fab) and then sprayed with Ranger Adirondack Color Wash (their spelling not mine!)

The background is the Paper Artsy Thorden Hall papers which are equally fantastic.  This was painted with a mixture of the color wash and paint so as to give a misty background effect. The stamp is one of the Paper Artsy Hot Picks.

It's hard to believe that frame also started off a deep maroon colour.  I inked and splodged it so that it has a lovely mint green colour.  It's a shame the picture doesn't show the texture.

And finally a close up of the doors.  The paper underneath is a deep maroon colour so it shows what good coverage the paint and color wash mix gives.  Forgot to mention that the paints have a matte finish which is ideal for stamping on and they are even suitable for outside painting.  Although they only come in small bottles so probably not for painting walls!

I'm going to post my homage to Tim Holtz tomorrow as I'm waiting for something to dry clear.  At the moment it looks super cack, but hopefully it will look slightly more interesting once dry!  Glad I waited until I got home to finish it off as the items I've added from my own stash make it personal and more special (if that's possible as it is signed by Mr Holtz himself).

Hope you like it