Monday, 7 June 2010

In sickeness and in health

grapes are always a good option (preferably after being mushed up, fermented and stuck in a bottle).  But seeing as its nearly bedtime the painted variety will have to do you and me both. 

Still going through my cutesy faze (which I've determined is me stamping with pre-printed paper backgrounds), so I've stamped and water coloured a bunch of grapes from PaperCraft4You and then surrounded it with a Lavina Stamps (Sycamore?) leaf stamp. 

The green and red background is a mixture of Glimmer Mist Olive Vine and Cosmic Shimmer Mist Lava Red (pictures not great so you might not be able to see there's red there too).   The lace came from a cheapy shop and the paper is from somewhere else (no idea, had it ages and now decided that its not "my precious" and therefore it can be cut up).  It's a wonder I haven't been picked up by the environmental police given the amount of paper I hoard - I think that's why I'm so careful about recycling all of my rubbish.  I have to at least try and fight to carbon neutral.  I suspect as crafters we all fail miserably but at least we try!

I had intended to come up and make a few cards but I've got back on the Wii fit and spent 1.5 hrs working out (Don't worry it'll be down to 10 mins a night by the end of the week!)  Apparently I have lost 2lbs which is great news (however I took 141 days to do that though, so maybe I should try a little harder!)