Thursday, 24 November 2011


Except apparently I do.  I'm still not going to get into the whole steam punk stamp thing as I just don't get them but I do love the dirty effect as I call it.

At Artsy Craft this year the Sunday project was all about steam punk and I was dreading it.  Just shows what great teacher's Lin and Leandra are, as I was won over by the paint technique and making things all dirty.

I felt like I was recreating a part of my dad's workshop and it reminded me of helping him stock take, the smells and the oil over the floor!

Here's some pictures of what I created alongside a close up of the paint effect.

oops the right hand side wasn't suppose to be hovering, but it became unstuck
and I wasn't concentrating when I stuck it back on!

A close up of the paint work - I love this effect!

My little bottle cap clock
 Surprisingly fun to do and I would definitely use the techniques again but I'm still not sure if steam punk is for me.