Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Wren and Rascal, Axe Valley Farm

If you are ever in Dorset and find yourself with a spare afternoon I can heartily recommend a visit to Axe Valley Bird and Animal Park, Axminster, Dorset.  Buy the book they are selling and learn how the place came to life - it's a great story.  It grew from nothing with love and affection from people who really care about animals and birds. 

Wren and Rascal existed before THE meerkats and simples!  They were abandoned and bought up on an Aga in the home of the owners of the park.  I stood watching these little guys for about half an hour trying to remember to take photo's, but more often than not just watching them.  Adorable!

There are 6 photo's on this layout

Four hidden behind the front ones and with room for journalling
Isn't it great when you find something stunning to photograph.