Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tracing my ancestors

I've been tracing my family tree for a few years now with the help of my Aunties.  When I first started tracing my family I was under the impression that we were from the West Country and a lot of us are.  What I didn't realise when I moved to Reading was that I was moving closer to the birth place of my grandfather and his family in Oxfordshire. 

Going further back to my Great Grandfather twice removed I discovered he ran the Swan Inn at Bampton, Oxfordshire.  I decided that whilst I was up in Oxfordshire I should take myself on a family history tour to find the Swan and have a swift half where my ancestors had trodden.  Well, maybe a coke, as I'm not a beer or lager girl and I'd be driving!  Unfortunately like a lot of village pubs it's become a house, but the placque was still there so I took a sneaky photo or two (the owners weren't in, I did knock first!!)

Shimelle Laine has made me fall in love with ways of using one scrapbook layout with a number of photos on through her Two Peas in a Bucket class.  I find it a personal challenge to see if I can work out a different way of getting as many photo's on as possible.  So far I'm up to 8, but I'll show you that one another day.  This one has four photos on it and a journal spot. 

The Swan Inn, an ancestral home

More photo's of the gorgeous stream

Hidden journalling

Rub ons used to add extra dimension
 I love this layout, mostly as it's about my family and where we've come from.  It's just a pity I couldn't drink in my ancestor's pub!