Saturday, 21 April 2012

Highlights of me (full version)

Finally I have been able to get some reasonable pictures of my scrapbook pages!

I've been asked to show you the full version of the front page of my scrapbook which I'm dedicating to recording my life history - the small things, not I was born here, I lived here, I got married/divorced stuff.  Any of my ancestors can look that up in the County archives.

This book is going to be dedicated to all those silly memories that make life interesting.  I will include some of the boring stuff like how old I was when I was christened because that's really hard to determine.  I'm not sure if it's changed because I don't have children, but most of my ancestors worked the land.  This meant working every day, not 5 days a week like most of us!  It also meant that christenings were saved up and it wasn't unusual for 3 or 4 children to be christened at the same time, some as old as 10 or more.  Some vicars made notes in the margins showing ages, others didn't.  Back in the 1800's these were the only records, so it makes working out someones age really difficult!

Anyhow, that's enough of my rambling.  I confess to cheating on this page as I bought the butterfly embellishment!  I'm also addicted to brads so they will never disappear from my craft room!! No more purchasing of butterfly embellishments for me though - I have my trusty punch along with some dies.  I love my dies, but my cuttlebug isn't very portable - yes, I know it's designed to be portable, but this girl doesn't travel craft lightly as it is!

I wanted the page to look like a record book with things tucked into a sleeve.  I'm in love with the papers that are out at the moment, especially the distressed wood ones!  I also love stickers - did as a child and still do now.  There are some great sticker sheets out there at the moment and none of them have a peel off in sight (those that know me well know I have an aversion to peel offs, although I've found a use for them - that's for another day!)

Happy Crafting