Thursday, 19 April 2012

Highlights of me

The first sentence of this post started with "just a quick post from me" - mmm, thought I should change it given the essay I've written below.   The original post was to show you a quick sneak peek of what I'm working on and to dispel the myth that no post = no craft.  It doesn't, but sometimes I get carried away with the craft and forget the blog - before I know it I've given away what I've made and that's that.  My Unruly commitments are complete so I've been less inclined to pick up my camera.  Watch out for my scrapbook and art journal contributions coming in the late summer/ early autumn.

Anyhow, after all that the sneaky peek is not happening as Blogger doesn't want to upload it, so instead I'm showing you a peek of a scrapbook project I'm working on.  It's my version of "This is My Life", but Michael Aspel has nothing on my book (or won't have once it's finished!)

Somerton Market Cross
I grew up in a small town in South West England, complete with a market cross (as seen on the right), an old fashioned drinking trough for the passing horses (now a handy plant container!) and a town gaol (read as jail).  It was the capital of Wessex and home to a number of Kings in its time, but now it's just a sleepy ol' town.  All of the bunting, British flags and checked patterns about this year inpsired by the Queen's Jubilee and the Olympics has really reminded me of home and what I did when I grew up. 
Silly things really, but things I wish I knew about my ancestors, the little every day things.  I want to write about the fact that I was in King Ina group at school and that I got a commendation for baking and making a gingerbread house complete with sweets.  These are the things you just can't find in the history books or in the county archives. 
I bet most of you didn't know that I once handed the Queen a bunch of flowers whilst mumbling into my boots (as my nan would say!) and whilst dressed in a brownie uniform!  I've always wondered if I should write to HTV West and see if they have a copy of the film in the archives (or perhaps it would be too embarrassing to watch - still it's part of my history and I would love to pass it down the generations!

I love photography, so I'm not very often in my photo's and I'm not sure I want or need to be for this project.  It's about me and my memories so I want to take photo's that enable me to write those memories.  Some photo's will be really random - a wall, me and my best mate used to sit on when we were growing up talking about anything and everything - our meeting place.  I might even be tempted to put in a dodgy photo or two in if I'm feeling brave and want people to know I wore reversible jumpers - it was the 80's and apparently I really liked dalmations! Some of you were around before then, so I can safely say you wore even dodgier stuff!

Enough of my ramblings, I hope I've inspired some of you to record your stories whether it's in a scrapbook, art journal or a diary.  I love to see what you do, so feel free to leave me a link back to your posting.

Happy Crafting