Friday, 20 April 2012

Loving the outdoors

Don't know if I've mentioned it but I especially hate winter.  I find it increasingly hard to keep myself in a good mood and have to work extra hard at being level headed when we get into the depths of winter.  That's why I love spring so much - the sun really does have an uplifting effect on me.  In fact if I'm not careful I can become quite hyperactive!
This scrapbook page came about after going on a photography course at Purley on Thames.  It's a beautiful place to go and there's a house just down from the lock that is reputedly Toad Hall and the inspiration for The Wind in the Willows.  You don't need to be told that to realise it either, as you walk along the Thames you will be magically transported and will be looking out for Toad and his friends bobbing along on the river!

Here are a few close ups to show you the detail.  I've always believed that you should frame a photo (not necessarily by matting it!)  In this case I've led the viewer into the photo by having a butterfly perched at the top and its trail leading from the title.  I've also taken the title across the page and placed accents on the right leading back into the photo.  Even though the photo doesn't take up much of the page and is smaller than the journalling block this helps to make it the centre of attention.

I'm trying to use up lots of embellishments that I've bought over the years as I've realised that it's much nicer if you can make your own.  They will be guaranteed to go with papers you are using as you can choose papers from the same range, ink or paint them and stamp images on them. 

Having come back from Ally Pally I'm proud to have only bought ribbon embellishments - the best purchases I got were a template for various sizes of rounded tags and a butterfly punch. They just aren't going to go out of fashion and even if they did I love them! It's also worth remembering just because a brad comes complete with a tag attached or as part of a flower, it doesn't mean you can't take it apart and change it around. I'm often pulling things apart or changing a brad to suit the colour of my project.

Oh and for those that asked I'll post my completed "highlights of me" scrapbook page soon, I promise!  I'm off to play with some new stamps to create my own fancy paper!

Happy Crafting