Saturday, 9 June 2012

My Little House

I've got a pot of keys, which half the time I have to think hard before I remember what they are for.  I'm pretty sure I know what most of them do now, but I'm reluctant to throw anything away in case I suddenly find something that needs to be unlocked and discover I've not got a key!

Anyway enough of my drivel .... I picked up a little wooden house shaped key holder which I decided to decorate which texture paste.  Yep, I may have been using this rather a lot lately.  I just love it, can't help it - I think I might be addicted!

I thought I would use it through a mask this type to give the house a harlequin stucco effect. Once painted I thought it was looking a little dull so I brightened it up with some bright pink paper tiles on the roof.  As it's all about Britain this year I thought I should be patriotic and added a flag.

At this point you might be wondering how I'm going to hang the keys on my key holder as there appears to be a lack of hangy things - I wondered that too after I'd let the texture paste dry too - oops!  They are now attached to the back of the key holder.  Note to self: don't be so stupid next time!

When I find some appropriate photo's I thought I would add them to the windows and door, perhaps finishing with some glossy accents to protect them.

Happy Crafting